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Many say that a measure of a person's character is devotion. Attaining success in art is not measured only by money but by admiration of ones work. This site offers an overview of this significant American painter and his many accomplishments with color, light, reflection and brushstroke. Through Lindstrom's paintings we clearly see many different ideas which are always expressed with an impressionistic objective. He intertwines his love for portraits with his respect for faces which show a full life lived. Like Lindstrom himself he paints faces of deep character. He has a trademark dark muted color, and the short brush strokes typical of the impressionist. His work is powerful and often dramatic. He is also imaginative and emotional in his selection of subjects as we are constantly connecting with his images. Lindstrom links man and nature throughout his work.

Born 1923 Canbridge Massachusetts. Studied at Cambridge School of Design in 1946. His focus is on United States Landscapes, Calcutta India, Cahaba India, World Faces, Paul Lindstrom An American Impressionist.

He overlaps his painting of portraits, landscapes, still-life and seascapes as he informs us of many people, places and things. Through his paintings Lindstrom takes us on an Enjoyable journey of discovery and fun. His subject faces are full of life and their gaze is always penetrating. Lindstrom abandons classicism and is honest and open presenting real and simplified images which are impressive.